Sewing Machine Rental

Do you ever just want to sew but either do not have a machine, or cannot be bothered to set it up?  Well, we have a bank of Sewing Machines in The Shed, all set up and ready to drive.

You can rent a space at our Sewing Machine table - you can also use the main crafting tables to cut and plan your project too.  You get to use our scissors, heat pens, unpickers (of course, you won't need those!!) and any other tools you might find useful.  The price for this is £5.00 per hour.

We have a range of basic level entry machines, so nothing to be scared of.  We also have one with lots of fancy stitches which you are welcome to use too, we even have a hand driven vintage Singer from the start of the century.  Oh, better not forget the Overlocker.... we have one of those too.

You will need to bring your own project and threads (don't forget your thread!!) we can supply Bobbins at a small charge, which you then get to keep.  The Overlocker, is already threaded with white, there will be a small surcharge for this.

This is machine rental ONLY, Sooz will be present to answer very basic questions and sort out any machine issues, but it is not a tutored class. 

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